No flagging please over showing our civic pride

Councillor Vince Settle in St Annes Square, with the St Annes flag design.
Councillor Vince Settle in St Annes Square, with the St Annes flag design.
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The man behind a unique flag for St Annes has called on townspeople and businesses to embrace it.

The flag was introduced last year but Coun Vince Settle, the St Annes town councillor who came up with the idea, now wants to see more hotels, shops and houses flying the flag.

He is now calling on people in the town to show their civic pride and hoist it high.

Coun Settle said: “I’d like to see it flying a lot and I’ve been trying to persuade local hotels to fly it.

“It’s been a bit of a struggle to get shops and hotels to try to embrace the idea and use it.

“We’ve had good feedback and when it first was launched everybody said what a lovely flag it was, and they liked the fact it commemorated the lifeboat disaster.

“It’s trying to keep that momentum going that’s the problem.”

A discussion on the subject of how to promote the flag better was held at a recent meeting of the Town Council’s policy and resources committee.

Coun Settle is now aiming to produce mugs and car stickers featuring the flag design to encourage more people to use it.

He added: “We introduced the flag last year and got it on two flagpoles in the town centre, but my view was always that wouldn’t be the end of it.

“I wanted it to be branding for St Annes and get it put on mugs, window stickers and all sorts of things.

“There’s only one mug in the world with it on at the moment and that’s mine.

“We’re trying to get local shops interested in stocking it but also getting local manufacturers to make it.”