No end to shower misery for tenant

Sarah Stewart and her shower
Sarah Stewart and her shower
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A DISABLED women has been left unable to shower in her own home since November.

Sarah Stewart, 59, from Brisbane Place, Anchorsholme, who suffers from arthritis, osteoporosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), has a drainage problem with her shower and relies on friends and neighbours to let her use their bathrooms on a daily basis.


Miss Stewart claims at least ten different plumbers, electricians and officials from Blackpool Coastal Housing have been to try and fix the problem, but the drainage issue remains a mystery and nobody has given her any answers.

She told The Gazette: “I’m disgusted with the way I have been treated. I ring two or three times a week and they tell me it has been passed to someone else.

“It’s stressing me out and making me ill and I dread having a shower.”

A pump has been installed in the bathroom since Miss Stewart made her initial complaint to Blackpool Coastal Housing, however the amount of water needed means the pump is becoming ineffective.

To try and ease the amount of water, Miss Stewart says she has to turn off the running water half way through her shower while it drains away, leaving her standing in the cold.

She added: “It’s getting worse as the months go on.

“I’ve tried Age Concern and other disabled charities but there is not a lot they can do. The fact is I have got to shower in the cold.”

Andrew Dunn lives directly beneath Miss Stewart and is letting her use his shower while she waits for the repairs to be completed.

He says the drainage problem is now effecting his home as the build up of water is starting to damage the ceiling in his bathroom.

He said: “It has been going on since November and she is a disabled woman – it is absolutely disgusting.”

Peter Jefferson, chief executive of Blackpool Coastal Housing, said: “We are aware of the situation.

“An occupational therapist is due to visit her shortly and following that meeting we will try to find a suitable resolution.”