No dog left to go hungry

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A regional animal charity has teamed up with a Blackpool pet food company to help feed homeless dogs.

Homey Pet Food LTD joined forces with Lancashire charity group Homeless Hounds in a bid to inspire members of the Blackpool community to help care for unlucky dogs without a loving family to cuddle up to.

Leading staff at Homey Pet have promised a week’s supply of food to dogs in Homeless Hounds shelters across the region for every package of pet food sold on their website.

Sue Darwell, regional manager at Homey Pet Food, said: “We have been developing this since last summer and our mission is to feed 100,000 dogs in rescue centres across the UK for free – that’s 73 million meals we will give away this year.

“We hope to raise awareness to the public of how important supporting rescue centres is. The cost of feeding animals is a huge bill to meet every week and although many receive food donations off the public, unfortunately the food isn’t always suitable to use as many pet foods are low in nutrition and are full of colours and additives.

“Feeding their animals on a super premium diet is something many can’t or struggle to afford, even though this would help curb many problems found in dogs such as upset stomachs, behaviour issues and skin conditions to name just a few. They just don’t have the funds.

“So now we have the scheme up and running, everyone can help us reach our target.”

The company, which offers a money-back guarantee if a pet does not enjoy the food, aims to help rehome needy dogs, cats, horses, and even lizards by advertising and linking to nearby animal sanctuaries on their website.

A spokesman for Homeless Hounds said: “If just 500 members of the public buy Homey Pet Food we will never have to worry about feeding our dogs again.

“With the rescue animals being fed on a consistent diet, free of charge, this is gentle on their little tummies and good for their overall health.

“It costs us thousands of pounds each year to run our rescue centre and if the public assists us with this new initiative they can help us remove a major cost.”

Pet owners who want to contribute to Homey Pet and Homeless Hounds’ new charity initiative can do so online at www.homeypet.net. To ensure a donation is made on your behalf, enter the rescue code HH670 at the online checkout.