No arm in showing town pride

Steve Burrows with his Blackpool tattoos.
Steve Burrows with his Blackpool tattoos.
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Steve Burrows loves Blackpool so much he has made his body a walking advertisement for its famous attractions.

For the 38-year-old former Merchant Navy man has had landmarks including The Tower, Winter Gardens and the Big One rollercoaster tattooed onto his right arm.

A donkey, the big wheel and the Blackpool FC badge make up the rest of the montage which took 40 hours to create.

Steve, of Shaw Road, South Shore, said: “No matter where I go in the world, I am so proud to say I am from Blackpool.

“So I decided to create this unique tattoo. I’m actually a walking advertisement for the town.

“Wherever I go it is a real talking point. I have had tourists in Blackpool ask to have their photographs taken with me, and when I was in Goa in India, the people in my hotel were amazed by it.

“The reaction has always been great.

“Sometimes people love Blackpool, and sometimes they don’t, but I love the town and I always have.”

Steve, who lives with his girlfriend Tracy, took photographs of the attractions from which the designs were created.

He underwent four 10-hour sessions at Jaguar Skin Tattoo Studio on Dickson Road.

He added: “I’ve lived in a few different towns and cities, and travelled all over the world when I was in the Merchant Navy but there is nowhere like Blackpool.

“It is world famous.

“The tattoo took 40 hours to complete but the pain I went through was more than worth it.

“I never have to tell people where I am from – they just need to look at my arm to know.”

Now Steve hopes to add to his body art – by having the resort’s three piers tattooed on to his back!