‘No approach made’ over Brady ashes, says council chief

Ian Brady
Ian Brady

A top council official has firmly shot down national newspaper claims that an approach was made for Moors murderer Ian Brady (pictured) to be cremated at Lytham.

Two tabloids have reported that Fylde Council had refused a request for the crematorium to be made available, with a view to the killer’s remains being scattered at sea.

But Fylde Council chief executive Allan Oldfield said: “We are aware that on Sunday, October 15, The Sun and The Daily Star printed an article stating that Fylde Council had been approached and asked if Lytham Cemetery would cremate the body of Ian Brady.

“This story is factually incorrect, and we can confirm that the council has not been approached with any such request.

“We are in contact with The Sun and The Daily Star to have this story retracted on the grounds that there has been no request made and there is no evidence that anyone at the council has spoken to the reporter, even though a ‘spokesperson’ is quoted.

“For clarification, if a request was made to cremate Ian Brady’s body at Lytham Cemetery this would be refused. However at present we have not yet been approached.”