‘Nightmare’ house is closed by police

The house on Warrenhurst Road, Fleetwood, which has been closed by the courts.
The house on Warrenhurst Road, Fleetwood, which has been closed by the courts.
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A HOUSE has been shut down by police – ending months of misery for the neighbours.

Wild parties, drunkenness and fighting in the street became too much for those living near the property at Warrenhurst Road, Fleetwood.

Now it has been made subject to a closure order, granted by Blackpool magistrates, and will be boarded up for the next three months.

Officers of the neighbourhood police team applied for the order after receiving a catalogue of complaints about the behaviour of people who lived in and visited the property.

Problems included large groups gathering around outside, drinking shouting and swearing.

A number of loud parties, which spilt out into the street, also resulted in brawls.

Among those who suffered was Stephen Morton-Banks who runs the nearby Most Wanted second-hand shop where he also lives.

He said: “They used to be outside arguing at 2am.

“There were supposed to be two girls living there – they looked about 15.

“But there always seemed to be people coming and going.

“One night the police came round and threw a load of them out – there were about eight or nine people in there.

“There were always kids outside aged 14 to 16 and one lad got beaten up.”

He added: “It was a total nightmare. .

“One night I told them I would call Jeremy Kyle so he could come and do a live show down here.

“They started nudging each other – I think they believed me.

“Then they started arguing again and it was always over stupid things like who had drunk the last of the milk.”

Another neighbour, who declined to be named, said: “They were in the street drinking and on hot nights they were sat outside.

“They made a lot of noise and it didn’t look good for the street.”

PC Vikki Merrill, Fleetwood neighbourhood police team, said: “The anti-social behaviour associated with this property was causing neighbouring residents real problems.

“Evenings would be particularly difficult as the noise coming from the house, and from visitors out on the street, was often intolerable.

“Residents would often feel intimidated by what was going on, especially when fights broke out in the street.“

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