New rules for Fylde dogs

New rules for dogs on leads in Fylde
New rules for dogs on leads in Fylde
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New rules for dog walkers in Fylde will be put in place by the council next month.

People must abide by these new rules or face a £100 penalty or prosecution with a fine of up to £1,000.

Starting October 1, dogs must be kept on leads at all times on all carriageways and footways in Fylde.

They must also be on leads at all times when in car parks provided by the council, including off-street parking places.

Additionally, dog walkers are required to put any dog in their care on a lead if a police officer, police and community support officer, dog warden or other person authorised by the council asks them to. This order does not apply in places where dogs are banned or already required to be on leads.

These include Park Cemetery in Lytham, childrens play areas in parks which are seperated from the rest of the park by a fence or other enclosure, and ornamental lakes, ponds, streams or other water features in a park or recreation grounds.

The order does not apply on the Promenade between Fairhaven Road car park and North Promenade car park between Good Friday and September 30. It also does not apply on the sand dunes between St Annes lifeboat station and the northern end of North Promenade car park on those same dates.

Exceptions to these new rules are if the a person has been given permission to walk their dog off-lead by the owner or occupier of the public place, if the person has a disability and the dog is a guide or assistance dog, or if a person has a ‘reasonable excuse’ for having their dog off a lead.