New motorway law welcomed

M55 traffic undated
M55 traffic undated
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A Fylde coast motoring expert today welcomed a new law which will see fines handed out to those who hog the middle lanes of motorways.

Under the new Government measures, police officers can issue £100 fines and three penalty points to those seen to be driving carelessly on the motorway, hogging the middle lane or tailgating.

And Terry Godbert, chairman of Blackpool and Fylde Advanced Motorists, says he is in favour of the new law.

But he believes it will be difficult to enforce.

He said: “Now they’ve brought in this £100 fine it’s going to take a lot of policing.

“I don’t think many people will get fined because they’re going to need police consistently on the motorways.

“But with the threat being there people are going to be a lot more wary.”

People caught carrying out offences subject to the new penalties, which were first announced in June, will be able to choose between an on-the- spot fine or the chance to go on a driving course.

However, those who feel their punishment is overly harsh will still be able to appeal the decision through the courts. Mr Godbert believes while the legislation will prove tough to implement practically, the threat of punishment will encourage people to drive better. He said: “What people will be thinking now is if they stay in lane two they’re going to get fined, so they’ll move over.

“They’re going to be difficult to police but they are a good thing.”

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