New home needed for furry cage buddies

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Pet of the week
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This week’s pets of the week are gerbils Olive and Queenie.

The rodents came to the RSPCA’s Longview Animal Centre at Marton as babies along with fellow gerbils Penny and Gracie. 
They have been at the Division Lane centre for over a year now and staff say the lively foursome are in desperate need of a new home. 
Gracie lives alone but the other three girls share the same cage and are happy living together. Staff said all four of the furry friends would be ideal pets for a family, even those with very small children. 
A spokesman for the RSPCA said: “These adorable pets are likely to bring much joy to any home as long as they are truly cared for.”
They cost £7 to adopt singularly and or all three girls together for £20. Call 01253 763991 for more information.