New-found naked ambition

Elaine Watts, 70 year old slimmer who appeared in the Weight Watchers naked issue
Elaine Watts, 70 year old slimmer who appeared in the Weight Watchers naked issue
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Elaine Watts never imagined she would be posing naked in a magazine at the age of 70.

But super slimmer Elaine has done exactly that.

Elaine, who attends regular Weight Watchers meetings at St Christopher’s Church in Marton, decided to take the plunge and bare all after she heard about the planned September edition of the slimming group’s magazine – The Naked Issue.

After losing a total of 22st 3lbs and 29st 13lbs respectively with Weight Watchers, six women and three men from across the country posed naked for the publication to celebrate their new-found confidence. The shoot aimed to promote strong, health bodies and counteract the many retouched images portrayed in the media by celebrities and models.

Elaine, of Marton, said: “Our Weight Watchers leader mentioned to us about a Calendar Girls style photoshoot and if anyone would be interested. I thought I would go for it.

“It’s not something I had ever thought of before, or imagined I would ever do, but I just felt I wanted to.

“I’m much more confident now and I thought ‘I’m 70 now’ and I’ve come to the point in life where you just have to do things.

“I just felt ‘why not’.

“There were hundreds of people who applied, so I didn’t really think I would have much chance.

“The photoshoot was a great experience, I felt confident and we were really put at ease.

“We had some body make-up just to cover any blemishes which would be really noticeable, but there was no airbrushing. I was pleased with the photos.

“Since joining Weight Watchers and losing weight, I’ve felt younger by the week.

“My energy levels have soared and it shows in my health. I’ve become much more active, I’ve joined St Annes Community Choir, which I love and we do performances.”

It was after seeing a photo of herself, at a size 20 and finding it impossible to find clothes to fit, Elaine decided to take action and sign up to Weight Watchers.

She says the decision “changed her life” and has meant she is “no longer prepared to blend into the background.”

Now her cholesterol levels and heart health have improved.

Before, she couldn’t climb the stairs without getting out of breath and even gardening used to hurt. She has increased her aqua aerobic classes and now runs a mile up and down the pool.

She said: “My body is never going to be perfect but at 70, you really don’t care anymore. The most important thing for me is how wonderful I feel.

“Since losing weight, I love having the confidence to grab new experiences like this photoshoot and have a bit of fun.

“I want to show other older members that it is possible to feel young again.

“I certainly don’t feel 70.

“I rarely miss a Weight Watchers meeting and always come away feeling inspired.”