New car deal is set to save police £100k

Police sign new vehicle deal
Police sign new vehicle deal
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Lancashire Police has signed a new deal that will save more than £100,000 on its cars over the next two years.

The force will use vehicles supplied by Peugeot, BMW and Ford after it joined up with 22 other forces to negotiate a better deal.

It comes as the force looks to make further savings as it faces more Government funding cuts this year.

The county’s police and crime commissioner said most of the £5m the force spends on its fleet over the next two years will go back into the local area.

Commisioner Clive Grunshaw said: “By joining with 22 other forces our costs are lower than they would have been with each vehicle costing around £300 less than it would otherwise have done.”

The process was led by South Yorkshire Police and means forces get better value for money from the new deal.

Mr Grunshaw added: “The way we procure vehicles as a public sector organisation must comply with European legislation but when it comes to the maintenance and repairs we are pleased to be able to say most of these will be done locally, benefiting local businesses and helping to boost the local economy.

“Purchasing a vehicle is only around 31 per cent of the whole life vehicle cost. The remaining 69 per cent is channelled into the local economy for, fuel, parts, labour, repairs and conversion.”

Some warranty work will be carried out in house and some by local dealerships.

In addition, contracts for accident repairs worth £200,000 a year have been awarded to three local Lancashire businesses and will help create or safeguard local jobs, he said.

Lancashire Police has already made more than £60m of savings since 2010 as Government funding was slashed. The force has lost 1,200 members of staff during that time.

Despite a Government pledge to freeze police budgets, its funding for Lancashire Police will be cut by around £1m this year.