‘New budget hotel will lower the tone’

Artist impression of new Travelodge planned for St Annes Square
Artist impression of new Travelodge planned for St Annes Square
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A BUDGET hotel chain’s plans to move into St Annes will create a parking nightmare and conflict with the town’s “classic resort” status, it’s been claimed.

St Annes Town Council have filed the first official objection to Travelodge’s plans to open a new 61-bedroom hotel above the town’s Marks and Spencer store, on Clifton Drive South.

The chain submitted plans to Fylde Council last month, and the application has received mixed reviews from residents and business owners.

Barbara Mackenzie (pictured) owns the Anchorage B&B, on Orchard Road, St Annes, and fears the new hotel could harm her and other businesses.

Mrs Mackenzie told The Gazette: “I’ve a good clientele and have a lot of repeat business but what it might take away – and this concerns me – is people who come for one night. Because let’s face it with Travelodge you know what you’re getting.”

But Mrs Mackenzie said the biggest concern for her and Orchard Road residents was the prospect of crippling parking problems.

She added: “The idea they can use the M&S carpark before they open and after they close is fantasy and they either will not be able to park down Orchard Road or they will be taking places away from residents.”

Mrs Mackenzie also said Travelodge doesn’t fit in with idea of St Annes as a “classic resort” – and the town council agrees.

Residents on Orchard Road, St Annes, have signed a petition against the plans because of the parking issue.

Resident Anna Hoyle, owner of The Breverton Private Hotel, said: “I have a disabled child and parking on our street can be so bad you can’t get an ambulance down.

“Orchard Road is the nearest street with off-road parking. It will be full all night and all day.”

In the town council objection they state the proposed hotel will “exacerbate existing parking problems and congestion in the town centre”, availability of hotel parking at the NCP and M&S carparks is “speculative” and the lighting design for the hotel is “excessive” and “detrimental to the conservation area”.

The consultation period ends on February 17.

A Travelodge spokesman said: “Within a short walk of the hotel there are a number of NCP and council parking facilities. It is standard practice for Travelodge customers to use local car parks.”