Never forgotten - Pool honour murdered fan

A PLAQUE, unveiled for a tragic Blackpool FC fan bears the message "Never forget".

Kevin Olsson was just 18 when he was stabbed on the terraces during a game between Blackpool and Bolton 35 years ago.

His family, including brother Geoff, who lives in the resort, were devastated when Kevin died from his injuries. No-one was ever brought to justice for the crime.

A plaque has been unveiled outside the ticket office at Bloomfield Road, by Geoff, Blackpool FC president Valery Belokon, club secretary Matt Williams, and fans Mick Page and Frank Knight, who raised the money for the memorial.

Mr Olsson, 48, said: "I am very pleased this memorial is so central. It will mean that Kevin is never forgotten.

"It will be seen by fans going to the game, and remind them of the tragic consequences of football violence.

"I am extremely grateful to Mick, Frank, and the club for raising the money and allowing us to have a permanent memorial here."

The money for the plaque was raised by Blackpool supporters and it was and made by Layton-based Wray Brothers Memorial, bears the message – In memory of Kevin Olsson, 1956-1974. R.I.P. Never Forget.

Matt Williams, club secretary, said: "This is the first real honouring of Kevin here at the club.

"It is a fitting time to unveil this. It is the 35th anniversary of Kevin's death, and a week in which terrible scenes at West Ham reminded people that violence is unacceptable."

Mr Page, 53, who knew Kevin when he was a teenager, held a charity auction at the club in July to raise 180 towards the memorial, along with fan Mr Knight, 61.

Mr Page said: "I wasn't at the game that day, but I remember thinking, that could have been anybody.

"It was tragic that Kevin died, and as time has dragged on, I kept thinking that something needed to be done, and here is the result."

There is also a an engraved brick outside Blackpool FC's shop, dedicated to Kevin.

The FA has launched an investigation into scenes of violence at West Ham's Upton Park, after fans invaded the pitch three times at the Carling Cup match on Tuesday.

Violence also erupted between opposing fans on the streets around the stadium, which has been condemned as "deplorable" by the FA.