Network Rail apologises for keeping Poulton residents awake

Network Rail is carrying out piledriving work on the Blackpool to Preston line
Network Rail is carrying out piledriving work on the Blackpool to Preston line
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Network Rail has apologised to Poulton residents for carrying out piledriving work through the night without advance notice.

Residents were left angry and tired this week when construction began without any advance notice.

The firm is currently installing the foundations for hundreds of metal masts which will carry wires to provide power for electric trains.

The work is part of a multi-million pound upgrade of the Blackpool to Preston line, due to be completed in May next year.

Network Rail had intended to consult residents before carrying out any major overnight works.

However that was not the case in Poulton where some residents were woken by the crews working to drive the metal foundations into the ground, which co-incided with the warmest nights of the year so far.

One resident posted on social media: “I was woken up just before 2am with this noise and my dog barking.

“It’s probably worse because all windows were open.”

Another resident said: “I feel for those living close as I was six streets away and it was loud and pervasive, reverberating off the houses,”

The sound of the piledriving work, described by residents as a ‘repetitive dull thud’ could be heard more than a mile away from the work site, which was close to Chester Avenue.

Network Rail said work, which had begun ahead of schedule, had been halted until all residents had been informed

A spokesman said: “Piling work in the Poulton area started ahead of schedule which meant residents didn’t receive the correct notification. The work has been stopped until residents have been contacted and we apologise for the disruption caused.”

The overnight work is expected to resume later this week.

Electric trains will start running on the line in May.