Neighbours cry foul over power cut woes

Resident Bob Cadman with repairs ongoing in the background.
Resident Bob Cadman with repairs ongoing in the background.
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NEIGHBOURS say they have been left in the dark – literally –after being hit by a series of power cuts.

Among the residents who were hit by the power outage on Cedar Close, Newton-le-Scales, were a 93-year-old woman with a profoundly deaf son.

Bob Cadman, 60, who lives on the street, said: “We have been off more than we have been on now for five days.

“In our close we have got several elderly people. It is causing all sorts of panic.

“I have been in touch with the engineers who said it may be a problem for a number of months.

“They have been doing repairs since Saturday and it went off about 2am yesterday morning, then it went off about 8.30am, and came back on at 8.45am. No one is giving us a satisfactory answer.”

Electricity bosses say there has been a fault in the area which has caused six intermittent power cuts, including two on Sunday, one on Tuesday, two on Wednesday, and one on Thursday, which affected 24 homes.

The company has a partnership with British Red Cross to support vulnerable customers if power does go out, but they were not called out on this occasion.

Electricity bosses say this is because it usually takes around an hour for them to be notified and mobilised and the faults were usually fixed during this time.

Mr Cadman said: “I can cope with this but I am more concerned that I can’t get a satisfactory answer for some of the other neighbours.

“My house is like spaghetti junction and I am trying to power my home on just one generator.

“It is things like the freezer being off that causes problems. It is getting silly.”

Electricity bosses say the problem was eventually fixed just after midday yesterday. A spokesperson for Electricity North West, said: “We apologise to customers affected by this intermittent underground cable fault. The nature of this fault made it very difficult to identity.

“Our engineers have been on site and repaired the fault by using specialist equipment to detect the exact location of the fault so that we can unearth the cable in the right place to repair it.”

To report a power cut call 0800 195 4141 or go to for more information.

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