My ink-redible memories of Blackpool

Beccy Rimmer's Blackpool tattoo
Beccy Rimmer's Blackpool tattoo
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Most people rely on their fond memories to recall happy childhood days in Blackpool.

But one resort-born tattoo fan has had her love of the town inked forever on to her leg.

Tattoo fan Beccy Rimmer, originally from Blackpool

Tattoo fan Beccy Rimmer, originally from Blackpool

Beccy Rimmer grew up in Blackpool, but moved away after university and winning a job with the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-Upon-Avon five years ago.

With family still in the town, she regularly returns and enjoys a sense of nostalgia and immense pride about her home town.

A fan of tattoos, and part-time tattoo journalist and blogger, Beccy, 27, decided to make her love of Blackpool plain to see with the bright and bold ink work - which features Blackpool Rock, the Tower and the Big One among other local landmarks.

The design was created by London-based Keely Rutherford from Jolie Rouge Tattoo Studio, incorporating Beccy’s ‘must haves’ of the Tower, beach and pink rock, with her own additions of the pier, big wheel and the coaster.

“I’ve been getting tattoos for about seven years,” Beccy said. “And I realised I wanted a Blackpool-specific piece.

“In my head, from being a kid, it’s a colourful and all about the candyfloss, and going to the Pleasure Beach, and I thought it would make a great art piece.

“My tattoos before have all been quite girly in style and I did some research and knew of Keely, who is internationally renowned, as she has this great arty, girly style.

“We’d discussed the details without being too specific, it’s often best when you let the tattoo artosrs interpret your ideas.

“When Keely sent through her sketch the night before I was going to the studio to have it done, and said ‘What do you think, anything you want to change?’, I didn’t want to change anything.

“I loved that she had included the wheel and a postcard, as well as some traditional tattoo symbology.”

The piece took seven hours to complete, in a single, day-long sitting, with Keely praising Beccy as a ‘hard North West girl’ for her pain tolerence on the day.

Previous tattoos for the former Arnold School and Blackpool Sixth Form College student have paid tribute to her heritage in a less obvious way, including red roses as a Lancashire lass.

And her new work has already been attracting attention.

“Every time I come back to Blackpool, I feel really attached and proud to come from such an iconic place,” she said.

“I have shown people the tattoo and and they’ve said: ‘Oh my God!’.

“There aren’t many places in the UK where you can show them a tattoo or image and them know straight away where it is, which is quite cool.”