Music fans pick up a bargain!

Picture by Julian Brown 08/10/17''Alan Bellis''Vintage Record Fair at Winter Gardens, Blackpool

Vinyl record collecters had a field day at the Winter Gardens at the weekend as music fans from all over the country gathered to buy and sell classic albums.

Around 500 people poured into the Winter Gardens on Sunday to take part in the record collecter’s fair.

Local record dealer Adrian Melling, who has 45 years of record-selling experience, said: “The fair is really popular. All the young people are getting interested in vinyl again.

“There are all kinds of records. Rock, pop, jazz, folk, blues, soul, reggae, you name it. Everybody is interested in different things.

“I’m very passionate about it, for sure. It’s always pleasant to meet people and the customers get to know each other as well.

“It was really great and we were absolutely thrilled lots of people travelled in for the event.”

The record collecters fair will return to Blackpool in April 2018.

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