Mum's The Word - May 10, 2016

We're having fashion wars in our house.

Tuesday, 10th May 2016, 12:50 pm
Updated Tuesday, 10th May 2016, 1:55 pm
William Mellor with Brisa the dog
William Mellor with Brisa the dog

In my eyes, there’s nothing more charming to dress young children in than a handmade, lovingly crafted woollen cardigan.

They look even more cuddly and when someone has spent hours slaving over a ball of yarn, it makes it much more special than a hoodie made in Indonesia, then sold at five times the cost price.

My mum has spent hours making a beautiful blue knitted cardigan for William – it is a work of art and fits the little man perfectly.

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Which is a relief, considering its been about eight months in the making – in fact, I was preparing for William to be at school before it was ready!

When I proudly showed the hubby my mum’s handiwork, he didn’t look quite as impressed.

“It’s very neat, it must’ve taken ages.

“But he’s not actually going to wear it – is he?

“It looks like something I was forced to wear to Bible Club in the 1980s.

“Can we not put it on a really hot wash, so it shrinks to fit one of the teddy bears instead?”

What does he know? When I first met him, he wore a pair of camouflage shorts.

And anyway, William has enough nowse about him to show some respect to knitted fashion.

He likes his new cardigan so much, he wanted to take it off while playing in a sandpit so it didn’t get dirty the other day.

I’m tempted to put an order in with my mum for a matching adult version to give to the hubby for Christmas just to annoy him – if I request one now, it should be just about ready in time for December!