Mum tells of son’s brave fight for life

Reece Roberts at the Royal Preston Hospital
Reece Roberts at the Royal Preston Hospital
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The mother of a student left fighting for his life after he was badly injured on a night out in Blackpool has spoken of her pride at her son’s “determination” to recover.

Reece Roberts, 25, has spent the past four months desperately clinging to life after he was found unconscious outside a bar in Queen Street, on September 27, last year.

Reece Roberts in happier times

Reece Roberts in happier times

The Blackpool and The Fylde College student had been out drinking with friends when 
police say he was attacked.

Mr Roberts struck his head on the pavement and was left needing emergency treatment to reduce the build up of blood on his brain.

Months on, his condition has deteriorated and he now needs more surgery to fit 
metal plates to his skull.

Mum Milissa Roberts, said: “It’s been so hard having to watch Reece go through so much.

“He is doing as well as can be expected. He does know what’s going on.

“I am so proud to be able to call myself his mum.

“He has faced every step amazingly in his stride.

“There is still a very long way to go but we are hopeful. The hospital is doing everything it can for him.

“He was meant to go in for his operation but another case more urgent came in.

“That was heartbreaking. My boy needs urgent surgery - but I understand why the hospital had to make that decision.

“We have been by his side the whole time and he knows we will always be there.”

The 25-year-old was initially taken to Blackpool Victoria Hospital after the incident but, after suffering a severe fit, was transferred to Royal Preston Hospital for specialist treatment and is now currently in the Neuro Rehab Unit.

Milissa, of Lakeway, Layton, said: “What happened to Reece has changed all of our lives.

“From his to his little brother George’s - nothing will ever be the same again.

“Reece has been so poorly that many times we thought we would lose him.

“He can not walk, he is wearing nappies but the hospital have made him more stable and we hope this operation will help his recovery even more.

“We do hope he will be able to walk again in the future, but no one can tell us for sure.

“Having this operation as soon as possible is vital.”

Reece has Sotos Syndrome, known as cerebral gigantism, so he is taller and thinner than most people.

Milissa, 42, who can not drive and has to rely on public transport or the generosity of family members to visit Reece is now planning to move house to find a home more suitable for his needs.

She said: “I have no idea where we are going to move to, but all I know is my current house is not suitable.

“Reece currently sleeps down in the basement but there is damp on the walls and he will struggle with the stairs..

“I really can’t tell you how much this has changed our lives.

“But no matter how hard it is for us his family, it is a million times harder for Reece.

“He is my baby and I would do anything for him. He is so determined.

“Reece is a fighter and we will get through this.”

His family including his mum Milissa, sisters Chloe,14, and Lisa, 25 and baby brother George, 20 months, have kept a permanent vigil by his bedside since the incident happened.

His auntie Toni Roberts, 37, of Highcroft Avenue, Bispham, added: “He’s really not good and is going down hill.

“He is awful at the moment.

“He’s gone from being amazing and using the toilet to being incontinent.

“We are all really stressed. We want him to have the operation as soon as possible and as soon as he has that he will start improving and get better.”

Scores of Reece’s friends have taken to social networking site Facebook to wish him well and his local pub The Queen’s on Talbot Road organised fund-raising events to help his family with travel costs.

Thomas Field, 26, of no fixed address has been charged with section 18 wounding with intent. He will appear at Preston Crown Court on March 4 for a plea and case management hearing.