Mum’s The Word - September 8, 2015

William Mellor after having his hair washed
William Mellor after having his hair washed
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Anyone would think this cheeky smile meant William had just had the best time of his life.

The truth is, if you’d rewound 10 minutes you’d have found him in the bath, screaming so loud he’d turned as red as a lobster.

And with enough tears streaming down his face to fill another bath.

Don’t get me wrong, he absolutely loves bath-time – from choosing his bath toys and throwing them into the tub, to pulling the plug and slotting it back into place.

But there’s just one issue we face once a week – the dreaded hair-washing.

William will happily play in the bath with his boat and rubber ducks, and fill plastic cups with water.

But as soon as he sees me pick up the yellow shampoo bottle, he starts to back away.

Trying to soothe him with words of reassurance ‘it’ll be over soon’, ‘I’ll be really quick’, ‘nearly done’ doesn’t seem to make a difference.

And as soon as I squirt a blob of shampoo onto his hair, the crying hysterics start.

He’s even started trying to climb out of the bath mid hair-wash.

I can understand it might sting his delicate eyes slightly when I’m rinsing the shampoo out, but he doesn’t even like getting it wet before the shampoo goes on.

How can this happen anyway? It’s supposed to have a magic ‘no tears’ ingredient!

I’ve tried giving him a face cloth to hold over his eyes and tipping his head back so water doesn’t pour over his face.

I’ve heard there are even visors toddlers can wear to stop water and shampoo going over their face.

Unless anyone has any other suggestions, my last hope is getting him to wear a pair of goggles!