Mum’s The Word - September 30. 2014

William Mellor, asleep
William Mellor, asleep
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Wouldn’t it be great if babies came with an in built alarm clock?

One that maybe goes off at 7am on weekdays, but gives you an extra hour or two lie-in at the weekend.

Even the added luxury of a snooze button, perhaps.

After the initial newborn stage, I thought we were the luckiest parents on the planet to have a dream baby, who slept through from 7.30pm until 7.30am.

No disturbances through the night; a solid sleep to feel refreshed and ready to play the next day.

So you can imagine the shock when William hit six months and started waking twice a night with a wriggle and a whine, first around 1.50am, and then nearer 3am.

Thankfully, it’s normally settled quickly with a dummy (although we have been known to drag the pram upstairs and push him to sleep in our room).

But it’s not too long before he’s up and ready to take on the world at 5.30am, crawling around his cot with a huge smile which says ‘play time’... while all I’m thinking is it’s time for a coffee!

The change to his sleeping pattern seemed to coincide with him eating solids – so was it his digestive system getting used to all this food? Or a growth spurt? Maybe teething is to blame? Or even the lighter mornings?

Answers on a postcard please.

The reality is babies seem to go through so many different stages that, by the time you’ve got used to one stage (although I’ve never got used to sleepless nights, as the suitcases under my eyes show), then they’re on to the next.

Although this phase has already lasted three months.

So I’m hoping that with the shorter daylight hours, the darker mornings will fool the little chap into sleeping in until 8am.

No, let’s not be ambitious. I’d settle for 6.45am.

Failing that, I’m considering a caffeine intravenous drip.