Mum’s The Word - September 29, 2015

William Mellor enjoying himself kicking up leaves, until one goes down his back
William Mellor enjoying himself kicking up leaves, until one goes down his back
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There’s at least one bonus to the start of autumn.

And it’s not the fact shops seem to think Christmas ‘is round the corner’ and can fill the shelves with festive tat.

While we’re battling the temptation to put the heating or fire on by layering up with five jumpers each night – so we end up resembling the Michelin man – the season of changing colours in the trees and falling leaves gives toddlers even more things to explore outside.

There’s nothing better than playing outside with William – he loves the freedom of running around on grass in the fresh air.

And now autumn has brought an even better activity – throwing leaves.

We came across a perfect pile of leaves in Stanley Park last weekend.

After a quick scan around for any unwanted piles of non-leaf material (well, you can never be too careful), the fun began!

As William couldn’t walk at this time last year, he loved stomping his feet in the leaves and hearing them rustle.

He then picked up handfuls of leaves, threw them up in the air and enjoyed watching them fall down slowly.

Until one went down the back of his jacket and we had to put all leaf fun on hold until I’d rummaged around to find it.

Leaves have also become a great rainy afternoon activity.

The little chap loved getting messy, squirting glue all over some paper and sticking down different shaped and coloured leaves.

And I enjoyed watching his creative side come out, until I realised the paper was alive and crawling. Crawling with tiny bugs which began making their way over the dining room table.

So, maybe it’s best to keep the leaves outside.

I just need to train him to pick them up off the grass in the garden and neatly put them in the ‘green bin’.

That sounds like fun.

And not like I’m trying to start him with chores at too early an age.