Mum’s The Word - September 22, 2015

William Mellor looking grown up
William Mellor looking grown up
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There’s so much advice out there about toddlers and televisions, it’s hard to know what’s best to follow.

There are plenty of people who say television should be banned, it’ll rot your child’s brain, and they’ll get square eyes.

Then there’s the negative impact it can have on a child’s language development and reading skills.

And yes, families have coped for centuries bringing up children without CBeebies.

But in modern, hectic family lives, there are certainly times when the box in the corner can come in very handy.

Researchers say that since a baby’s brain is developing every moment of their first few years, watching television can stunt growth, as it’s a passive activity.

And it takes two full years for a baby’s brain to develop to the point where the symbols on a screen represent their equivalents in the real world.

But, I like to live by the “everything in moderation” rule.

And, let’s face it, there are times when you’re trying to chop veg for tea and you’ve got a toddler wrapped around your leg, that it’s actually safer to plonk them in front of Peppa Pig for 15 minutes.

Peppa – a cartoon all about a little pig and her family who like jumping in muddy puddles (yes, thanks for that – encouraging any activity in mud is great for my washing pile) – is certainly a hit in our household.

Whether it be for a bit of downtime when having a snuggle on the sofa, or a form of distraction while you unload the dishwasher, William loves it.

So much so, he’s started standing in front of the television, singing the theme tune and snorting like a pig when he wants to watch it.

That can only mean one thing – it’s time to widen our viewing choices and introduce someone the little chap can look up to.

A pillar of society who’s well liked in the community.

Step forward Postman Pat.