Mum’s The Word - September 16, 2014

William Mellor clapping
William Mellor clapping
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There’s nothing like a bit of family rivalry.

I’m all for it... a touch of healthy competitiveness can help drive ambition.

You see the thing is, William’s cousin was born two weeks earlier than him – so they’re bound to be compared. And so far, little Finlay has been setting the bar quite high for all those baby milestones.

I reckon children do these things in their own time, so I’ve not felt too much pressure to get William to perform.

But there’s one thing that impressed me so much, I’ve been determined to get him to copy it for days now.

It’s not walking, talking or even scribbling with a crayon.

It’s a high-five – with some hand-clapping thrown in for extra cuteness!

When we all met up the other day, Finlay greeted us with a huge smile and a hand held up in the air ready for a high-five. It was so utterly adorable.

And much more impressive than blowing raspberries in someone’s face, which William has taken to doing (as former Gazette tourism writer Craig Fleming can vouch for, after bumping into him in the supermarket the other day).

So, we’ve spent a whole weekend playing pat-a-cake and waving a hand in the air in a bid to catch a high five.

The little chap mastered the clapping overnight, and now looks very proud at his new discovery.

But when it came to the high-fiving, he was keeping us hanging with nothing, but a look that said ‘you’re really not that cool’.

That was until my uncle cracked it with a high-five... twice.

So it seems we might need a little more practice before William and Finlay are giving each other high-fives.

For now, we’ll just enjoy the blowing raspberries and hand-clapping. It’s still pretty cute!