Mum’s The Word - September 13, 2016

William Mellor gets involved in packing up the house for the move
William Mellor gets involved in packing up the house for the move
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Who needs removal men when you’ve got a very helpful toddler on hand?

Regular readers might recall a while ago, William helping me to show prospective buyers around our house when we put it on the market.

Well, his sales skills obviously worked – and the sold sign soon went up outside our home.

And so Friday was moving day.

We’d had a couple of weeks of packing up our possessions bit by bit (and wondering why on earth we’d kept so many things – like my 17-year-old GCSE painting of a marrow, for example) and the little chap just loved getting involved with it all.

He rediscovered his old toys – slowing down the packing process somewhat, as he wanted to play with each one! – and he was quite put out that he was now too big to sit in his bouncer chair.

William enjoyed boat rides around the house, in empty boxes and loved playing hide and seek behind a tower of them.

He even helped to fill the boxes and happily packed his own toys up ready for the move.

The bubble wrap proved popular (who doesn’t love the satisfaction of popping those pockets of air?) and William proved to be a great little sticky tape assistant, as I sealed all the boxes up.

In fact, he loved filling boxes and sealing them up so much, he even asked for his own box to put two cars in, taped it up – and took it out with us when we went to do some shopping.

Now... I wonder if he’ll help us unpack!