Mum’s The Word - September 1, 2015

William Mellor having a snooze in the car
William Mellor having a snooze in the car
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I’ve come to realise there is such a thing as opportune toddler naps.

When William was a newborn, his snooze time gave me chance to grab a half hour power nap to get me through the sleepless nights.

I’d wake up feeling more refreshed than if I’d drunk five cups of espresso!

Now, as he sleeps through the night, I’ve no excuse to have a siesta when the little chap is snoozing.

Instead it’s a race against time to do housework before he wakes up and wants to play.

The dishwasher is a no-go – the clattering of plates will rouse him – and I’d be stupid to even think about vacuuming.

So, it’s a case of tiptoeing around the house washing clothes, cleaning out the guinea pigs and changing the beds at a sped akin to contestants on Supermarket Sweep.

I’ve pretty much got those three chores (yep, just three) down to a fine art, if he has a solid hour and a half sleep. That is unless I step on the one squeaky floorboard I always try to avoid.

Then there’s sleeping during long car journeys.

Having been brought up in a family of ‘Eye Spy’ and ‘Spot the Eddie Stobbart’ car games, I never thought I’d hear myself say it... But, it makes a road trip much more relaxing with William snoozing in the back.

Otherwise I’m twisting round to play with blocks, picking up toy cars he’s thrown on the floor and trying to make sure he colours on paper, rather than his trousers or car seat!

Opportune nap time certainly takes a bit of practise to get right.

Too short a nap means he’ll want to snooze too near teatime – and too long a nap means you pay for it at bedtime. For William about an hour and a half from around 10.30am is perfect.

It’s 11.34am and counting...

Time to put the kettle on. The washing can wait!