Mum’s The Word - October 27, 2015

William Mellor on the plane with his mum Julia and dad Tony
William Mellor on the plane with his mum Julia and dad Tony
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My jeans ended up covered in baby poo the first time we took William abroad on a plane.

So you can imagine my apprehension as we prepared to jet off to Portugal last week.

He’s a year-and-a-half older, with tonnes more energy and curiosity, so that could only make the journey more difficult, surely?

But the little chap surprised us with how great a traveller he was.

The 4am start didn’t phase him, as he just fell straight back asleep on the way to Manchester Airport.

The security process stunned him into silence – until he saw his pram bag disappearing into the x-ray machine.

Thankfully that trauma was short-lived, as the bag appeared out of the machine unscathed.

After making the common mistake of spending too long browsing duty free, we had a mad dash to the gate – baby, buggy, and hand luggage, times two, in tow. As well as a toy plastic train, which William dropped on the floor, shattering into hundreds of pieces as we heard the final call for passengers.

But, to our relief, we weren’t the last ones – a couple of harassed-looking families with cranky toddlers followed – to jump aboard the bus which took us to the foot of the plane.

William looked amazed as we watched the aircraft taking off – so you can imagine his excitement, as I carried him tentatively up the stairs to our own aeroplane.

The cup-holders and trays on the seats in front were a source of entertainment for a couple of minutes before more passengers sat down – and we thought they wouldn’t appreciate a toddler banging the back of their chair for two hours and 50 minutes.

Instead, William discovered the man behind him played a great game of peek-a-boo. He also loved looking out of the window to see the engine, wing and clouds in the sky.

And there was the added bonus of being lucky enough to have a spare seat next to us, so the little chap could spread out with his toys.

He wasn’t even fazed by the noise from the engines as we landed – and finished the journey off by clapping the pilot’s success.

Let’s hope the journey home is as successful and we find another peek-a-boo passenger!