Mum’s The Word - October 21, 2014

William Mellor doing his mexican wave move to the keyboard music
William Mellor doing his mexican wave move to the keyboard music
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Back in the good old days of dancing in a club until 2am, it was always pretty easy to differentiate the foot shufflers from the Fred Astaires.

That was before I started going to bed at 10pm, with a cup of that soothing malty drink – which doesn’t actually make you sleepy, it just makes you need a bathroom trip in the middle of the night!

So with those illustrious days in mind, one of my great hopes is for William to have a bit of rhythm in his life – aside from health, happiness, love and success, of course.

We’ve been going to this baby group called Tiddlyompompoms, which isn’t actually as ridiculous as it sounds.

It’s a fun, music-making group, where the babies (and I suppose any rhythmically-challenged parents) can experiment with beats, banging drums and singing. And it seems to be having an effect already.

At home, the little chap loves shaking his maracas or banging his toy drum with his hands.

And the other day he surprised us with some pretty impressive moves.

We’d been playing with a giant floor keyboard (one of his sister’s toys – don’t tell her he’s borrowed it!) when he suddenly started twerking as soon as I hit the demo button.

We’re obviously going to have to refine his music tastes though, as I’m sure you can imagine how annoying those synthetic tunes become.

His other favourite moves seem to be the Head Bopper – kneel up, back straight and nod your head up and down; the Mexican Wave – wave the left arm furiously in the air; the Rocking Chair – rock back and forth in a sitting position; and the Leg Twitch – which is basically sticking one leg up and wiggling it around.

With those kind of moves, I’m convinced William will get noticed on the dance floor in years to come.