Mum’s The Word - October 20, 2015

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William takes after his daddy when it comes to his passion for cars.

He’ll sit on the hubby’s knee for 15 minutes (which is good-going) and they’ll watch the Formula One, before pretending to race cars themselves.

So, it’s no wonder the little chap is proud and protective of his car collection.

That’s all very good, to install a bit of pride and ownership with your possessions.

But throw a couple of covetous toddlers in the mix and you can potentially have a momentous meltdown over one 99p matchbox car.

That’s exactly what happened in our living room, when two friends and their toddlers came to play the other day.

It probably wasn’t the best start that William woke from a nap as they arrived and he suddenly found two tots invading his space and, quite naturally, playing with his toys.

I say playing – more like trying to play. For as soon as William spotted them heading towards a car, he ran over to claim possession.

The poor children looked aghast and ran to their mummies for cuddles.

Turning a bright shade of crimson, and apologising profusely, I tried to reason with William to hand over just one of his collection of 12 cars.

“It’s nice to share, William.” “Come on, let’s share your toys.” “I’m so sorry, he’s not normally like this.” “Let’s take turns with the cars, William.”

But it’s not easy, reasoning with a 22-month-old and the more he heard the word ‘share’, the tighter his grip on the cars became.

I’m not surprised our guests only stayed an hour!