Mum’s The Word - November 4, 2014

William Mellor, now 10 months old
William Mellor, now 10 months old
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I thought disregarding what your parents say only came with the rebellious teenage years.

But it seems we’ve got our own little rebel already... aged 10 months.

We’ve started saying ‘no’ to William in a bid to instil some boundaries.

We don’t want to be mean or restrictive parents; it’s purely for his own safety.

You see, it’s as though he’s magnetised towards anything which poses the most danger in the house – electricity, water, heat, heavy objects, sharp corners, stairs, even hinges.

So we thought that by saying no at an early age and showing him his toys are much more fun than trying to stick his fingers in the fire, that he’d soon get to know the difference between right and wrong.

The only problem is, the little chap seems to get a kick out of ignoring us.

It doesn’t matter what we say to him...

‘No William, don’t go near the fire, it’s hot.’

‘No, don’t play with the plugs.’

‘No William, don’t touch the TV, it’s heavy and might fall on you.’

‘No, don’t put your fingers near the door.’

His response?

He turns slowly around, smiles with a cheeky grin, pretends to play with something else and then carries on heading towards the danger zone – before having to be forcibly removed.

His latest trick is to take a sip of water, hold it in his mouth so we think he’s swallowed it and then let the liquid slowly trickle out so he gets soaking wet through!

There’s a slight issue to this whole discipline malarkey though – we try to keep a straight face and say ‘no’ in a stern voice, but his cheeky grin is so infectious we invariably end up giggling away too.

Maybe it’s time to toughen up!