Mum’s The Word - November 25, 2014

William Mellor having his first visit to the dentist
William Mellor having his first visit to the dentist
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Even the slightest mention of the dentist can often send people into a cold sweat.

Which is why the hubby and I wanted to get William used to having his teeth checked out as early as possible.

So, last week, we had our first family trip to the dentist.

It’s not normally something to get excited about, but I was so intrigued – and slightly apprehensive – about how the little chap would react.

Especially after my mum explained she bit her dentist on her first trip as a toddler.

Sat in the waiting room, William was kept entertained by having a good nosy at all the other patients. Then, as the pretty dental nurse arrived to call our names, our little charmer only had eyes for her.

And he didn’t stop looking at her until I was summoned to the big dentist chair and he began looking inquisitively at the stranger peering into my mouth.

Thankfully, he wasn’t phased by all the new smells and sights. In fact, when it came to daddy’s turn he was bouncing on my knee.

Next up, it was William’s go.

The poor boy didn’t know what was coming when I laid him down on my lap and our lovely, calm dentist gently prised his mouth open.

I think it must have been the element of surprise which made our “wriggle-pants” just lie still for a change, looking up at this rubber-glove-clad stranger.

After a quick check and count of his teeth it was all over – with not even a murmur.

And William was back to eyeing up the dental nurse.

With seven pearly whites to look after and his next check-up in spring, we’ll continue with his twice-daily brushing routine (which involves him having a good chew of his toothbrush!)

And we’ll try to stay clear of too much sugar – although the hubby has bought him his first chocolate advent calendar... which I’m not going to let him open until he’s at least four!