Mum’s The Word - November 24, 2015

William Mellor proudly standing next to his potty. And toy train.
William Mellor proudly standing next to his potty. And toy train.
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When you’re living with a toddler, never speak too soon.

I’ve discovered celebrating potty success last week was somewhat premature.

I thought three wees and a poo in the potty in one day meant we were on our way to being nappy-free!

But I hadn’t factored in leaving the OCD hubby in charge of potty training for a morning. I blame myself really – I’d only gone and booked a hair appointment to get my four month’s worth of spilt ends and what felt like 10-inch roots, with an increasing number of greys, sorted out.

Pretty irresponsible really.

When I returned, there were tears – and they were just from the hubby.

Well, not quite... but he certainly seemed on the verge of a breakdown while William was happily pointing out the various wet patches on the carpet. He’s too young, he doesn’t get it,” the hubby protested, after describing the drama of clearing one accident up while William had another wee in the hallway followed by another on the kitchen floor, which he then slipped in.

To avoid making the situation anymore stressful, we called it a day.

But I was still potty for the potty – and hadn’t given up on my little chap.

And so, when the hubby was at work, out came the little underpants and away went the nappies. At first, William didn’t seem too impressed and told the potty to ‘schoo’!

But after a bit of role play, showing how his sister’s doll uses the potty and gets the all-important reward sticker – he was happy to sit on the potty again.

And success – two wees to confess to daddy once he was home from work.

We’re certainly not at the nappy ‘cold-turkey’ stage and I’m not quite brave enough to venture outside in public nappy-free, but while William is happy to keep giving it a try, the potty is a permanent fixture in our living room.

And if nothing else, if the accidents continue, it just means I can finally get that longed for new carpet!