Mum’s The Word - November 17, 2015

William Mellor undergoing his potty training
William Mellor undergoing his potty training
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Four underpants and lots of accidents later, we had success.

I’ve never celebrated a number two quite so much.

But it really was something to celebrate.

Three hours into potty training William and we finally had something to show for ourselves – just take my word for it, you don’t want to see the photographic evidence.

I’d cleared the diary of any distractions last weekend and decided to give potty training a go.

No pressure on the little chap – I’d just noticed him becoming more aware of what was going on down there, so thought there was no harm in trying.

Choosing a potty was like buying a new bathroom suite – there were so many to choose from. Ones that talk, others with toilet roll attachments, one with an iPad holder, and even one with a piano at the foot of the potty. At least they encourage multi-tasking.

We went for a fairly unspectacular green and blue potty – although it does come complete with a lid and stickers and can be used as a mini toilet seat or step to reach the sink.

And the important thing was William seemed quite happy with it – well, happy putting toys and drinks inside it in the run up to ‘P(otty) Day.

On the morning of P Day, he loved running around the house wearing a pair of Peppa Pig and George underpants.

“Uh oh”, William said, as soon as I turned my back to fold the washing.

Time for another pair of underpants.

I quickly realised if we were going to get the hang of this training malarkey I couldn’t take me eyes off him until he learnt to tell me he needed a wee.

A few hours in and lots of carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning and even toy garage cleaning missions later, I heard a few suspicious sounding noises coming from William’s bottom end.

“Why don’t you sit on your potty if you need a poo William?,” I said calmly. “Mummy will sit next to you.”

I couldn’t quite believe my eyes when he sat on it and... well, I’ll spare you the details.

As he stood up and turned to look inside the potty, he didn’t look too impressed by what was glaring back at him.

He was much happier waving goodbye to it down the toilet.

Talk about flushed with success.