Mum’s The Word - November 11, 2014

Will Mellor gets his first haircut from his mum
Will Mellor gets his first haircut from his mum
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It’s always an uncomfortable moment, when you’re not sure whether a baby is a boy or a girl.

Do you come right out and ask the parents the sex of their little one? Or use that gender neutral pronoun ‘they’ to cover all bases?

As William’s hair was getting longer, I started worrying people would find themselves in that predicament, despite dressing him head-to-toe in blue.

I have to admit – it was getting so long at the bottom he was starting to sport a mullet (which I had the unfortunate experience of having after a translation issue at a Spanish hairdressers a few years back – and didn’t want my son going through the same hair trauma).

And shamefully, his hair could even fit in a pony tail.

So, last week, he had his first chop.

I thought he might be frightened of sitting in a big hairdresser’s chair with a stranger coming at him like Edward Scissorhands. So we decided to do a home-styling session instead.

William sat on the hubby’s knee with In The Night Garden on as a distraction.

I’d washed William’s hair and combed it straight. And then as I took the scissors in my hand I felt my wrists tremble. It felt strange to be heading towards the nape of my son’s neck with a sharp object.

But since the first snip came out quite straight, I felt a lot more relaxed.

Thankfully, the little chap stayed still and didn’t even notice me hacking away.

It was only when I tried to do the sides that he wriggled round to see what I was doing... and I cut off more than I intended.

I took a step back to assess the damage – pretty straight at the back, but very lopsided by his ears. Our poor boy now looks like he’s got the beginnings of a bowl hair cut from the right side.

Oh well, at least it’ll grow back. And he certainly won’t be confused with being a girl!