Mum’s The Word - November 10, 2015

William Mellor was determined to walk up and down Rivington Pike
William Mellor was determined to walk up and down Rivington Pike
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There’s one thing no-one can deny about toddlers: they’re strong minded little things.

Take our walk up Rivington Pike the other weekend.

We loaded the car with all the usual paraphernalia for a walk in the countryside - baby rucksack carrier, baby rucksack carrier rain cover, baby rucksack carrier sunshade, pram bag, toddler snacks, drinks, first aid kit and foil survival blanket (you can never be too careful, even if it’s just a daytime stroll in Lancashire).

It was a beautiful, warm autumnal day and William seemed quite chirpy high up in the rucksack carrier on the hubby’s back.

He had a bird’s eye view, a toy car in one hand and a cracker in the other - what more could he need?

He needed to stretch his legs, we soon discovered.

The chirpiness lasted all of 10 minutes before the whinging began.

We tried singing nursery rhymes, playing eye spy, spot the sheep game, spot the cow game, even spot the pig game (with hindsight, I don’t blame him for whining) before we gave up and took the little chap out of the rucksack carrier at the foot of a huge, stoney hill.

“He’ll never get up there,” the frustrated hubby said. “What a disaster, we might as well turn back.”

Trying to be the optimist, I insisted we let him wander up and explore as much as his little legs could cope with.

We went a few metres and stopped to look at the flowers, then he was off again up the hill... all the way up to Pigeon Tower, stumbling over stones and uneven surfaces.

A little pit spot for some snacks to re-fuel and we were off again back down through the terraced gardens – a magical place of winding footpaths and unexpected surprises which were originally created for soap magnate Lord Leverhulme.

Fearing William would get too tired to walk the whole way down, we tried to get him back in the carrier.

But he as having none of it and his strong little legs took him the whole way.

We were amazed.

And the hubby certainly wasn’t complaining as he had a rucksack carrier which weighed two stone less on his back!