Mum’s The Word - November 1, 2016

Halloween William Mellor dressed up for Halloween
Halloween William Mellor dressed up for Halloween
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Halloween is such a big thing nowadays, it felt like William had more party invitations than the most popular socialite.

So, a few weeks ago I asked him what he wanted to dress up as.

“A princess,” he replied.

Uh oh, we’re going to have trouble getting Daddy to let you leave the house dressed as a princess, I thought.

When I asked William if he had any other ideas, he suggested a castle.

That would involve collecting a lot of boxes – and although our house is still full of them from moving – getting him strapped into a car seat would be a bit tricky.

“Anything else?,” I asked and he decided on a dragon.

A blue dragon, to be specific.

So we settled on that.

Then last week, William went to the shops with the hubby.

He returned holding a bunch of flowers and wearing a Frankenstein’s monster mask!

The neighbours must have wondered what was going on when I screamed, faced with this terrifyingly cute little monster.

He doesn’t normally want his hood up on his coat, never mind something covering his face.

But he got into character screaming and trying to scare us – practising for all his parties.

Let’s just hope he knows when to snap out of monster mode.