Mum’s The Word - May 5, 2015

William Mellor with the new black-out curtains, which he enjoys putting his toys behind
William Mellor with the new black-out curtains, which he enjoys putting his toys behind
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It’s been operational blackout this week.

I’m not talking wartime blackout, when the smallest chink of light could bring down German bombs (we’ll be celebrating VE Day next Friday, after all).

It’s been our battle against early morning wake-up calls – despite William getting to sleep later and later.

Ever since the clocks went forward, William has been taking advantage of the extra daylight hours – by playing in his cot instead of going to sleep at bedtime and waking up at 5.30am!

I love springtime with its brighter mornings and lighter evenings.

But just an extra half an hour in bed – or even an 
hour if I’m really pushing my luck – would just be amazing!

So, in a bid to help the little chap go to bed better and wake up later, I decided to try yet another layer of blackout curtains.

We’ve already got one set up in his bedroom, but as the curtain pole juts out from the wall, chinks of light come through, making it as bright as day in there.

The light has even managed to make its way through our temporary measure of draping blankets all around the window.

After a trip to my favourite haberdasher’s in town – it’s like an Aladdin’s cave of different types of material – I set to work on my sewing machine to make a loop for a spring curtain rod to slide through.

With the black thread set up, I was ready to go. Until I realised I’d got white ‘blackout’ material instead, so had to re-thread the whole machine!

After the second attempt, we finally had some curtains on a rod to fit snugly into the window frame.

So, with two sets of blackouts and some curtains, William’s room is pitch black.

So much so, not only has the little chap gone to sleep quickly – I’ve been nodding off in his room too!