Mum’s The Word - May 3, 2016

William Mellor with his grandad Sam Mellor, not enjoying using the hose
William Mellor with his grandad Sam Mellor, not enjoying using the hose
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There’s something William really hasn’t quite grasped...

Washing a car involves one important component – water.

He was at his Grandma and Grandad’s while I was at work the other day and they asked if he’d like to have his first go at helping Grandad wash his car.

A love of car washing is in his genes – it’s the hubby’s favourite labour of love (whereas I’d call it a chore and would rather spend £7 sat in a drive-through car wash hoping the monstrously huge rollers don’t squash the car into oblivion, with me inside).

Plus, William also loves watching the neighbour’s son spend hours washing, leathering off and polishing his pride and joy (only for a seagull to mess it up!) three times a week, without fail.

So it’s no surprise the little chap leapt at the chance to help Grandad and grabbed his wellies straight away.

Armed with a hose William looked so proud next to his Grandad’s sparkly brand new red car and was really keen to get stuck in... until the hose was turned on.

“Nooooo, wet. Wet hands,” he shouted to his Grandma and proceeded to rudely wipe his hands on her trousers to dry them off.

I’m afraid having wet hands is kind of a by-product of washing, William.

He’s going to have to toughen up a bit if getting his hands wet while washing a car is the worst of his troubles. And there certainly won’t be any pocket money if he doesn’t wash Daddy’s car when he’s older!

Don’t tell the hubby, but I’m worried he’ll end up more of a drive-through car wash lover than ‘do-it-yourself’ in the driveway.

Or maybe he’ll have to wear a pair of Marigolds next time!