Mum’s The Word - May 27, 2014

Julia and William
Julia and William
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I had to make a confession to the health visitor the other day, after a pretty traumatic experience with a pair of nail clippers.

They look quite innocent looking little instruments, especially the clippers designed for babies. But imagine a scene out of that horrendous bloodbath of a film Saw, and you’ll get a fairly good idea of what damage they can do.

Just an hour before a regular home visit, I’d decided to trim William’s nails (I didn’t want him looking like the Gruffalo with huge claws for the health visitor).

I sat the little chap in his bouncer chair ready for the operation, and he seemed pretty relaxed and content.

I snipped his left thumb nail without a hitch, but then as I went for his index finger he decided to give it a little wiggle.

To my horror, I realised I’d nipped the skin next to his nail and there was suddenly blood everywhere.

He cried, I cried.

And then even once he’d stopped crying 30 seconds later, I cried some more as I rushed for the emergency first-aid kit.

Having soon got over the traumatic incident, William looked at me with a puzzled expression, as he spotted his finger wrapped in a paper towel and a Peppa Pig plaster (which I then had to stop him from putting in his mouth.)

Thankfully, the bleeding had stopped by the time the health visitor arrived, but I still blurted out the whole sorry tale when she asked how everything was going.

I admit hiring a manicurist once a week to keep his nails trim would be a tad over the top. But there is no chance I am ever touching a pair of nail clippers again.

So instead I’m giving him a weekly nail file manicure. It may not be the most manly way of trimming the little chap’s talons – but at least he’ll still have all his fingers intact.