Mum’s the word - May 20, 2014

William Mellor in his cot
William Mellor in his cot
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As a heavy sleeper I always wondered how I would hear William in the night.

Take guide camp aged 12, for example, when a girl woke the whole field up screaming in terror after a nightmare – apart from me, who was fast asleep next to her.

But no matter how sound asleep I think I may be, I’ve still heard every shuffle, sniffle, and squeak as William wriggles around in his Moses basket next to me like one of our pet guinea pigs.

So when it came to moving him into his own nursery – which is only the room next door, but in my head seemed like miles away from our tuned-in ears – I thought it’d be a pretty big deal.

I expected to spend hours deliberating over which date would be best for “moving day” before psyching myself up mentally.

But instead, it just happened – no huge build up to make us feel nervous, no “last night” in our room drama and no withdrawal tears.

As William had been sleeping in a travel cot while we were on holiday, he’d taken full advantage of all the extra space by spreading out like a starfish.

It suddenly dawned on me we’d have to squeeze him back into his narrow Moses basket again.

‘It seems a bit cruel to restrict him. Shall we try his cot tonight?,’ I asked the hubby on the plane home.

So just like that the decision was made.

Back home we dumped the suitcases in the lounge (where they linger for days before we can face unpacking) and got William ready for bed.

After zipping him in his sleeping bag we laid him down in his huge cot and he suddenly looked tiny and vulnerable again.

The gadget-guru hubby sorted the monitor out with its fancy night light, lullabies, HD sound, talk-back, and stars which project onto the ceiling.

(Can you tell he was in charge of choosing the monitor?)

But to be honest we didn’t need any of the fancy features. Exhausted from the journey, the little chap put his head to one side and fell asleep without a murmur.

And he stayed that way until 7am the next morning when he woke up happily chattering.

It seems he’s going to be a heavy sleeper – like his mum!