Mum’s The Word - May 13, 2014

William Mellor with parents Julia and Tony, about to take his first dip in the pool
William Mellor with parents Julia and Tony, about to take his first dip in the pool
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Gone are the days of lying on a sun lounger, reading a book, while slurping a cocktail.

Wandering aimlessly on a beach is a thing of the past and the hubby and I can forget eating a meal at the same time.

Although our first holiday to Spain as a newly expanded family was never going to be as relaxing as a carefree couple’s mini-break, I can honestly say it was 10 times more fun.

We’d survived the flight out (I’ll admit the flight back was not as successful thanks to an explosive poo all over my jeans half way through – by William!) and it was great to see how curious William was of his new surroundings.

Pram pushing along the promenade kept him content for hours and he lapped up the attention from the friendly Spanish waitresses like a real charmer.

But for William’s two sisters Sophia, 10, and Gracie, five, nothing is more fun than splashing around in the outdoor swimming pool.

So, in the interests of fairness, William had his first experience of swimming abroad (well, he’s not quite at Mark Foster standards just yet).

I’m sure most parents will sympathise with the palaver we encountered before he even got to the toe dipping stage.

Firstly, we fought to squeeze him into his all-in-one swimsuit with a zip which barely came down to his belly button. (Note to self: do not show holiday snap of him wearing said swimsuit to his first girlfriend if you still want him to talk to you past his 16th birthday.)

Then we had the battle of keeping his swimming hat – complete with embarrassing neck flap of course – on his head instead of him pulling it off and giving it a good old chew.

And finally there was the process of slapping sun cream on this wriggling worm, who became increasingly slippery and insisted on sucking the cream off whichever part of his body he could stick in his mouth first (his feet being a particular favourite).

All that for a 15 minute dunk in the pool. But seeing little William’s inquisitive face while he splashed his hands in the water and kicked his legs about was all worth it.

We almost deserved a spot of relaxing on the sun lounger with a cocktail in our hands – maybe in 10 years time!