Mum’s The Word - May 12, 2015

William Mellor clutches mum Julia's polling card on the way to vote in the elections
William Mellor clutches mum Julia's polling card on the way to vote in the elections
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One of the main things my mum has taught me is never fall into the trap of voter apathy.

Even now, aged 32, I still get reminders about registering to vote. Only this year, it was rather more 21st century with a simple text: ‘Are you registered to vote? Check if you are on line.’

Actually it wasn’t that blunt; there were five kisses on the end as a way of softening the order. Thankfully I (smugly) already had my polling card – but appreciate the reminder all the same (thanks mum).

And so now I have the responsibility of passing on that message to the future generation – to William.

So after picking the little chap up after work, off we went to the polling station – the same one I remember my parents going to when I was a child.

I explained where we were going during the journey, who we were voting for and why. And he humoured me by looking a little bit interested, at least.

Walking into the polling station, clinging onto my polling card, he looked pretty serious and thoughtful.

I hope he takes it this seriously when he’s 18 and can vote for how the country is run for the first time.

He got equal amount of attention from the Labour and Conservative candidates by the door – last ditch attempt to sway my vote, eh?

Then in the booth we had a wrestle with the pencil, as he was intent on scribbling over the UKIP box. (I won’t hold it against him, as he can’t read yet!)

But, thankfully, I won and we posted them in the ballot box before he managed to try and deface my voting slip any further!

I wonder if the result we got in the end was due to other toddlers getting hold of the pencil!