Mum’s The Word - March 3, 2015

William Mellor, being distracted from his vaccinations
William Mellor, being distracted from his vaccinations
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Playing happily at home yesterday, poor William had no idea the fate that awaited him.

Not just one immunisation, but three – including the biggie, MMR.

There’s no doubting the immunisation against measles, mumps and rubella continues to divide opinion – rumours about the vaccine spread faster than the viruses themselves.

But with concerns over an outbreak of measles in the US this year, and the scientific world discrediting a study linking the MMR vaccine and autism, we didn’t hesitate in getting William immunised.

That doesn’t mean I wasn’t nervous, as we arrived at the doctors’ surgery – but the nerves were more about him getting a needle jabbed in his leg, rather than the actual vaccine.

He was so young when he had his previous jabs that after an initial 30-second cry, it didn’t bother him.

But aged 14 months, he’s so aware of everything around him – including a needle!

The two lovely nurses put us at ease as soon as we entered the room, though.

I could tell I was nervous for William, as I signed the consent form in my maiden name – even though we got married three years ago!

He sat on my knee and I got him snuggled into me, holding his arms so he couldn’t make a break for it.

The nurse hadn’t even unwrapped the needle before he realised something was untoward, gave her a suspicious side glance and started screaming.

Then the tears rolled down his cheeks as the vaccines were injected, in his right leg first, and then the other two in his left.

A cuddle later, distraction with some toys in the waiting room and some of his favourite cardboard-tasting snacks and he was fine.

We can breathe a sigh of relief now... well, at least for another two-and-a-half years until the next jabs.