Mum’s The Word - March 29, 2016

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Many a time I’ve sympathised when mothers struggle to keep their tantruming toddlers in their prams.

William has always been pretty good at staying put, especially if he’s got a couple of cars to hold.

But we had a massive meltdown the other day, which made the tables turn and suddenly I was the subject of the sympathising.

Although all the signs were there that William needed a snooze, it didn’t mean he actually wanted to go to sleep.

And boy oh boy, he certainly made that loud and clear.

For the first time ever he made his body as rigid as a piece of lead piping and screamed while I was trying to put him into his pram.

Pushing him quickly down the street, “he’ll be asleep soon”, I thought.

I hoped.

But the little chap cried and cried as he fought the tiredness.

Talking to him made no difference, nor did holding his hand or stroking his forehead or trying to distract him by pointing out passing buses.

He’d gone past tiredness and was completely exhausted.

As a lady walking her dog came closer, I felt a wave of embarrassment rush over me.

“Oh dear, someone’s not happy,” she said.

Talk about stating the obvious. And making me feel even more uncomfortable than before.

“Look at the little dog, he wants to say hello,” she said to William.

And just like that he stopped crying.

So thank you to the stranger who stopped and spoke to us and got William to stop crying.

Although as soon as she walked away, the tired tears kicked in again!