Mum’s The Word - March 24, 2015

William Mellor, cooking up a storm in the kitchen with mum Julia
William Mellor, cooking up a storm in the kitchen with mum Julia
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It was all in aid of developing William’s skills – and obviously not just because I fancied a sweet treat.

And there was nothing suitably naughty in the cupboards – that I decided to give the little chap his first taste of baking.

Julia with son William

Julia with son William

As it was his first attempt, I thought it’d be wise to stay well clear of any of the show stopper creations you see, and dribble over, while watching the Great British Bake-off.

So we plumped for simple shortbreads.

Sittingin his highchair, William watched intently as I placed the ingredients – butter, caster sugar and plain flour – in front of him.

He loved helping to weigh out the flour, creating a snow storm around us as he picked up handfuls of it.

There’s no point in pretending baking with a toddler isn’t going to get messy.

I’m not the tidiest when I’m cooking anyway, so it’s great I’ve got a kitchen partner in crime to annoy the hubby now!

Next came mixing all of the ingredients together. With a wooden spoon in one hand and a bowl in the other he put plenty of elbow grease in – flicking bits of mixture all over the floor in the process!

I have to admit, I didn’t let him loose with the wooden rolling pin – for fear of him lobbing it at the glass dining table.

But he loved cutting out the mixture into circular, heart, flower and star shapes ready to be placed in the oven.

And after just 15 minutes, it was the best bit of all – eating them.

With the shortbreads still warm, William didn’t hesitate in trying one, making lots of proud ‘mmmmmm’ noises as he devoured it.

He seemed to enjoy baking and making a mess so much we’ll be giving it another go – but maybe make a bigger batch of sweet treats next time!