Mum’s The Word - March 17, 2015

William Mellor enjoys a visit to the zoo with his mum Julia
William Mellor enjoys a visit to the zoo with his mum Julia
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I’ve always been grateful for everything my mum does.

But until having my own child, I hadn’t really appreciated how much she has done over the years – especially when I was growing up.

All those endless sleepless nights, changing countless nappies, nurturing my development, always being by my side, teaching me good values and tough love – like sending me out to find a Saturday job, when I was a shy 16-year-old.

Mothering Sunday has become a day to celebrate our wonderful mums – a day to take time out to tell them thank you for everything they do.

But it’s not all about a card and gifts (although I was lucky enough to be treated to flowers and chocolates!)

It’s a day for family fun.

My Mother’s Day was a perfect, fun-filled day out with our little chap – taking William on his first trip to Blackpool Zoo.

He loved watching the animals, pointed at the tigers and lions, smiled at the orang utans when they pulled silly faces through the window, and stuck his tongue out to copy the giraffes.

He clapped along to the sea lion display and chuckled as he walked up and down the boardwalk around the penguin enclosure, not just once but five times.

Every day I spend with our fun, cheeky, amazing son is Mother’s Day to me. But it’s still nice to have the hubby cooking tea and doing the dishes – I could get quite used to that!