Mum’s The Word - March 10, 2015

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I’m not into stereotypes when it comes to boys and girls.

Aside from the fact I don’t clothe William in pink frilly dresses, patent shoes and lace socks.

I think it’s great to let him explore whichever toys he wants – whether they’re blue or pink.

The hubby, however, was appalled when he discovered I was letting William play with his sisters’ dolls.

But he generally only just wants to point at their eyes, stick his finger up their nose or give them a cuddle anyway.

Then there’s the bright pink kitchen, which he stands at while I’m cooking his tea and stirs a spoon in a bowl or turns the hob on (I assure you it’s only a plastic one with flashing red lights!)

And there’s his sisters’ fuchsia pink keyboard, which he loves to play in their bedroom, which has more pink in it than a candy floss stall.

So, you see, he’s surrounded by what many would class as ‘girl’ toys, as well as his own trains, cars, joinery bench, planes and trucks.

And it’s fascinating to me to see which toy he leans towards, given the chance to explore as he gets older.

Every time we arrive home, he heads straight for his toy garage and cars and immediately starts making a ‘brum brum’ noise.

It makes his car fanatic dad very proud.

Although, William does still like playing with his sisters’ toys – while holding his toy car in one hand, to maintain his masculinity!