Mum’s The Word - June 9, 2015

William Mellor enjoys his mini-break 'Sent in by Julia Mellor
William Mellor enjoys his mini-break 'Sent in by Julia Mellor
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I thought it was supposed to be exhausted parents who haven’t had a lie-in since time immemorial who got to enjoy the luxury of mini-breaks.

But it was William who was lucky enough to be treated to a change of scenery the other weekend – while the hubby and I got on with some jobs that have been on the ‘to do’ list since well before he was even a twinkle in our eyes.

Like decorating, hanging photo frames and clearing the garage (which incidentally, magically seemed to fill up with yet more clutter and junk only hours after having done the nine, tedious trips to the tip.)

Asking his grandparents to babysit so we could watch a friend’s band for a few hours, on a Friday evening, got promoted to the little chap’s first holiday without us.

And as I was packing his overnight bag – or, rather bags, because let’s face it, babies don’t travel light – I became immensely jealous of his two-night stay at my parents’ caravan in Yorkshire.

What better way to spend your holiday as an 18-month-old than throwing pebbles in a river, going on walks through fields and loading your dumper truck up with sticks?

I would certainly have preferred to do that than boring DIY jobs. Although the two extra hour lie-ins we allowed ourselves were pretty amazing!

And, by all accounts, William had an amazing time without us! He seemed to grow up so much in those two days, coming home with a new sounding giggle and very realistic duck noises – my dad’s party piece Donald Duck impression explains all!