Mum’s The Word - June 23, 2015

William Mellor looks at the drop below in the Blackpool Tower Skywalk, with mum Julia
William Mellor looks at the drop below in the Blackpool Tower Skywalk, with mum Julia
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It’s a rite of passage for any sandgrown’un to go to the top of the Tower.

So we had a family trip 380ft up the world-famous structure to show William the views of our town.

He was pretty taken aback by the 4D experience, with the shock of a CGI seagull swooping towards his face, followed by a gust of wind and a spray of water.

The stinky smell from a donkey didn’t impress him too much, but he took a fancy to our 4D glasses and enjoyed trying to put them on our faces upside down.

Then it was time to go up to the top in the lift – which prompted a lot of ‘ooooh’ noises as our ears popped the higher we got.

Desperate to get out of his pram, the little chap didn’t hesitate when he dared to stand on the SkyWalk’s 5cm thick glass viewing platform – while the hubby stayed with his feet firmly on the normal flooring.

“Just because someone needs to take photographs” – obviously.

William kept his head down, looking through the glass the whole time we were up there, pointing at the passing cars and people beneath him – until we managed to drag him away to find our house on the skyline.

As well as enjoying the breathtaking views, no trip to the Tower would be complete without a circus visit.

And despite what the look on his face in the photograph suggests (I reckon he was just star-struck after meeting Mooky and Mr Booo), he really enjoyed it.

He stayed still for most of the time – apart from when he tried to rest his feet on the shoulders of the lady in front of us (sorry about that, they must have just looked really comfy).

And pointed out the flashing lights, performers balancing on high wires and – his favourite – the motorbikes zooming around a metal wheel.

It seems his love for Blackpool attractions has begun... we might wait a few years until we brave the Tower Dungeons though!