Mum’s The Word - June 2, 2015

William Mellor, all strapped in for his first bike ride
William Mellor, all strapped in for his first bike ride
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If you’re going to watch the spectacular Red Arrows, it’s only right that you arrive in style.

So what better way than William’s first bike ride along the promenade.

We had tried to get him to wear his helmet when we first bought it, but he stopped us from getting it anywhere near his head. (Even when we stood in the living room with our helmets on, too!)

But this time round, we were lucky it was bin day – so the little chap was busy watching the bin lorry – as we strapped him into his seat on the back of the hubby’s bike.

And he didn’t flinch once as we put his helmet on. So, a wave goodbye to the bin lorry and we were off.

A slight breeze made William scrunch his face up and pout as the wind whistled through his hair.

But with a great vantage point, he pointed out all the cars and buses we passed and watched my wheels rolling by at the side of him.

He gave his dad the odd pat on the back – although we couldn’t quite work out whether it was an acknowledgement for being a decent cyclist or a demand for him to pick up the pace.

Either way, he smiled the whole way to Central Pier, where we stopped to watch the Red Arrows’ incredible air acrobatics.

We thought William was taking it all in...until we 
realised he was pointing at a seagull and not the planes flying by.

Thankfully he seemed as impressed by the Hawk jets as the seagulls once they’d come into his line of vision!

And he enjoyed the ride back home just as much.

More than me – who ended up with a puncture and had to walk the rest of the way home!